Cheated on my Barber

barbershop  I can’t remember how many times I’ve tried different barbers only to find myself disappointed with their haircut. My relationship with my hair has been a crazy roller coaster ride. I have grown it out long, buzzed it off completely, dyed it blonde, and even had a mohawk. I don’t think most relationships can handle that much change, but my hair has stuck around through all of this. Since it has put up with me, I find it is necessary that I pay it back. I love my  hairdo and hate when I get terrible cuts. This is why it was important to me to find the perfect barber. My search brought me all over my area and resulted in some pretty awful service ( even had my ear cut once). When I was about ready to just shave my head and rock that style until the day I died, I decided to try this one place that I read about in a magazine. It was highly recommend by the writer and acclaimed as one of the best barbershops in the area. It was definitely worth a shot as I was preparing to cut my own hair with kids scissors.

I walked into the barbershop and was surprised with the layout. It had an old-school kind of feel with the original chairs that the hair stylist had to crank up and down with the lever. However, it had a nice balance of modernization with flat screens on the wall and the newest issues of every magazine in stock. There weren’t any old men that could barely see still cutting hair and nicking people’s ear. It was all young barbers that were even showing off some fresh tatoos. I didn’t know if I was getting ready to get a hair cut or get tatted up from Miami Ink, but this place definitely had some good vibes.

I came on a Saturday which is a walk in day and you don’t have to make an appointment. I was glad about this because I didn’t even know which person does the best job. I sat down anxiously in the waiting chairs as SportCenter glowed on the television screen. I finally was called up and sat in the chair of a young lady. She looked more like Kat Von D than an actual barber with ink covering most of her arms. I was a little bit nervous at first. I told her the kind of cut I wanted and she began to trim my hair. I got myself ready and cringed a little in case of a quick ear nip with the scissors. But to my surprise, my ears with left in tack. I was able to relax during my haircut as I watched sports and made small talk with my barber. After she pulled off the tarp from my body, I couldn’t believe how awesome my hair came out. It was exactly the way I wanted it. I thanked her as if she was a doctor that just successful performed a triple bypass surgery on me. My search had ended  for the perfect barbershop and I even threw out those children scissors I was tempted to cut my hair with.

Three weeks had passed and I could tell it was time for me to get another trim. I went again on a Saturday but I knew exactly which barber I wanted. I stepped into the shop and excitedly sat down. The girl who gave me my awesome hair cut was busy with someone else. I didn’t mind waiting at all. I already took enough time finding this place, what would a couple more minutes do. As I picked up a new magazine, one of the other barber’s chair had become empty. He looked at me and asked if I wanted for him to cut my hair. I knew that I wanted my original barber, but now I was pressured into answering his question. He told me not to wait any longer and convinced me to let him give me a haircut. This would be one of the most emotional moment I have ever had at a barber shop.

As he began trimming my head, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as my original choice was cutting some other guy’s head. It was like I just abandoned her when someone new came running along. I felt awkward as me and the new guy made small talk and laughed a bit. She was dead silent with her customer. This is what it must feel like to cheat on your significant other as they watch you do it. And the worst part about it was my haircut came out amazing. It was even better than the one from three weeks ago. I tried hiding my excitement but I couldn’t. As I thanked the guy for an awesome job, it felt like her eyes were piercing the back of my head as she watched. I tipped the barber and had to walk out as I awkwardly said goodbye to the girl. She faked a smile but I could tell she wasn’t happy.

Now with my new haircut, I am put in a weird position of what to do. I love going to this place, especially since everywhere else around me is nowhere close to their prices and excellent service. Do I go crawling back to my original barber after she witnessed me with another hairstylist? Or do I move on with my life and accept that I need to do what’s best for me? I’ll probably just wait for Saturday when it is a walk-in day and let the scissors of destiny pick who will cut my hair.


2 responses

  1. I know exactly what this feels like. Awful.

    1. It was the worst time ever…definitely a bittersweet feeling for a good haircut

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