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Love is a Gamble

welcome to vegasHow many times have you seen your friend’s hearts broken from being dumped? Their whole entire world seems like it is crumbling around them. They invest so much time and feelings into this person, only to see it thrown away. Putting ¬†everything on the line, they only hope it works out in their favor. I guess you could almost say that people are gambling in relationships. But isn’t it true that love is as unpredictable and risky as a game of chance?

I like to look at love almost like playing a hand in poker. You have some players put every chip on the table and go all in. They have nothing to hide and make it known that they’re confident with the cards they have been dealt. You could be sitting with two aces, but you don’t know if the player next to you is sitting on a Royal Flush. You see yourself ending up happy and things panning out the way you imagined. But after the last card is flipped and all hands are revealed, you are mortified to see that you didn’t finish on top. You are now left with this horrible pit in your stomach as you watch everything you had and invested in taken from you. And the worst part about is that there is no way to stop this from happening after you lose all your chips.

poker chipsBesides the people that wear their hearts on their sleeves and leave nothing to hide at the table, you have other card holders that are more sly about their plays. They may not be given the best cards in the deck, but they manage to bluff their way to get what they want. Almost as conniving as con-artists, they will manipulate and intimidate others until they have them believing everything they say or do. Some people will buy into all the lies they are throwing out, but the smart ones always pick up on this. The one thing about people who bluff is even behind their poker face and dark shades, you can notice their tell signs. It could be a cough, a nervous twitch, or even pulling at the ear. These signs are typical of players that will lie their way to victory, but a professional isn’t blinded by lights and glamour of the game and will catch on and guard their chips in order to stop from being hurt.

The ultimate hand in poker, just like every person wants that perfect hand in game of love.

The ultimate hand in poker, just like every person wants that perfect hand in game of love.

In this game of chance we call love, you never know where you will be ending up. You walk into a casino hoping to cash out or hit the big jackpot. You may get all sevens on the slot machine or find yourself walking home without a penny in our pocket. Sometimes it is all a game, and you just need to be careful of the people sitting at the table. Either way, each person can’t help the cards they have been dealt in the gamble of romance. Hopefully, everyone finds that Royal Flush after playing a few hands.

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