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Relationships Are Like PB&J

Classic PB & J


The Stable and Reliable Peanut Butter

Right around midnight in the middle of me tossing and turning in my bed, I got the sudden urge to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As I’m spreading the sticky peanut butter over a slice of Wonder Bread, I began to think who came up with this marvelous idea for a snack. Peanut butter and jelly are pretty much the complete opposites, but when you put them together they combine to form a wonderful partnership that make the tastebuds in my mouth dance from happiness.

After I devoured my snack  instantaneously like a bird might swoop in my window and take it , it hit me that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is exactly like a relationship. Two total strangers that may not share any similarities form this breath-taking bond that cannot be explained by any laws of science or attraction. At first glance you might not see it. But just like after you take that first bite of the sandwich, these two people feel that overwhelming sensation that this odd pairing of opposites unites in perfect harmony.

How can you describe these opposites that attract. One person in a relationship might be the peanut butter. A strong, solid spread that is always reliable. It has a strong taste and always stick to where it is rooted down, even if that loyalty is hard to swallow sometimes. Peanut butter sometimes is smooth with how it handles things, other times it’s chunky and takes it time to sort things out. Either way, peanut butter is always stable and keeps things grounded. Other people are like jelly. Everybody loves jelly because it is sweet and really gives peanut butter that extra kick of flavor. It you spread jelly alone, it sometimes can slide off and is not always as serious as peanut butter. However, when this sweet spread is connected to its counterpart, they cannot be separated and balance each other out.

One last way that this appetizing treat is exactly like a relationship is you never know when you will want one. Some people never want a  PB and J. It might have a left a bad taste in their mouth once or they just might not enjoy it at all. Either way, this sandwich is not part of their diet. Other people need a PB and J everyday. It gives them the stability they need from knowing


they can always look forward and rely on this sandwich at any time they are hungry. Then there are those people who get greedy and have more than one peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one day. They give a bad reputation to this delicious meal. Either way, you never know when you might want the urge for a PB & J sandwich, it might just surprise you out of the blue. Maybe even after reading this.

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